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SPECIAL RESTORATION, for furniture and woodwork. EXTRA-FINE AND SHRINKLESS, it absorbs the colors before its application in the paste and after polymerization and sanding. It can be tinted with water, alcohol or solvent-based dyes. It can be worked like wood.



The Masticbois has different characteristics that distinguish it from existing polyester mastics. It was developed by an antique furniture restorer who wanted to adapt this type of product to the many and varied needs of this profession by giving it finesse, stability and the possibility of tinting it before and/or after curing. It is easy to work with the tool or the machine, which allows it to be used in the restoration of natural wood furniture, in marquetry, for woodwork, old or modern joinery, interior or exterior. It is water, sun and weather resistant.


before its application, take a quantity of Masticbois necessary for all the work to be done. It is advisable to take the neutral color and make the dough a little darker than the color to be reproduced. With water-based liquid stains It is advisable to use concentrated stains, for example a walnut stain (cassel extract at 100 g per liter of water), with drawing inks (watercolor “colorex”), which allows a very wide range of colors. Example: for the filling of green marquetry net, add green watercolor ink and you will obtain a green Masticbois.


With Burnt Sienna, Natural Shadow, Red Ochre, Titanium White, etc. Add the powders needed to obtain the desired shade and mix well. With universal colorants (paint): after coloring the Masticbois to the desired color, take the quantity sufficient for a few fillings, incorporate the hardener, mix well and apply with a spatula. After application, adjust and sand the Masticbois before staining. It is important to use the wood filler closest to the color to be reproduced, either by using our six shades or by following the data above. You can then make the color match, knowing that you need to use a shade that is a little bit stronger than the color you want to imitate. It is also possible to make false veins and other effects. It can be tinted with water-based stains, watercolor drawing inks, solvent-based wood stains, acrylic stains, glazes and paints. Wood putty can be finished with all types of finishes: wax, shellac, mattine, hard bottom and cellulose varnish, polyurethane and polyester.

Available in 6 MISCIBLE COLORS: Neutral (Fir), Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Mahogany, Movingui. It is worked like wood, without damaging the tools (plane, gouge, chisel, rasp, file, machine…) and is easily drilled. It is very easy to sand, and you get a nice fine finish.


For the restoration of very altered wood, join the two parts to be glued with a coat of Masticbois to the color, then make a light tightening a few minutes. Dust the parts to be glued well beforehand. Drying by polymerization. The amount of hardener is 2%, or one coffee bean of hardener to one tablespoon of Masticbois. But you can increase or decrease the speed of drying by putting more or less hardener. Normal drying time is 10 to 15 minutes at 20°C, but it can take longer in cold weather.


Read the safety label carefully – Work in a well-ventilated room or wear an appropriate mask – Wear rubber gloves, rubber boots and goggles – Do not swallow – Keep out of reach of children. Information given in good faith, but we are not responsible for it.

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