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With little experience, it allows you to make a finish in the style of the varnish with a pad or to enhance a waxed piece of furniture with a shine. Can be worked with fine alcohol at 95°.


Its ease of use allows a professional as well as a neophyte to make a quality finish giving the appearance of a varnish with a pad or to enhance the shine of a waxed furniture. It is used to varnish new or antique seats, copies of antique furniture or on antique furniture that has just been stripped, or on wooden objects.


Preparation: With a varnishing wick or a wicking cloth, shape a ball (size according to the hand), moisten it with fine varnishing alcohol 0300, then with mattine 0507 so that the pad is uniformly soaked without excess.

Enhancing the shine of a waxed piece of furniture On a waxed and polished piece of furniture (the wax must be dry) with the prepared pad, apply the mattine 0507 in thin and regular layers passing the pad in the direction of the grain of the wood and avoiding “brewing” (the application of 2 layers very close together causes the cancellation of the 1st layer and gives a matt appearance). Reapply a coat of mattine and alcohol if necessary.

For a meshed varnish: After preparing the wood, sand it carefully and then fill the pores with Shellac 0506 (see FT) using a pad. Apply the mattine by pressing very lightly without superimposing the layers, by a concentric movement, this until a good distribution of the mattine. During the operation, add alcohol and mattine if necessary, until the gloss appears. It is necessary to repeat this operation 2 or 3 times, leaving 1 to 2 hours between each operation. At the last operation, put more alcohol than mattine to lighten (that is to say to make rise the gloss). The stamp should then hover over the worked surface.

Dust free, practically immediate.

Curing time: 24 hours. Yield: 6 to 10 m2 per liter.

Read the safety label – Work in a well ventilated room – Wear rubber gloves – Do not swallow – Keep out of reach of children. Information given in good faith, but we are not responsible for it.

see data sheet

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