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Frequently asked questions.
Here are some common questions.

I applied a metal burnisher (ref0806) on steel but the color is not uniform and does not stick?
The metal was not degreased before applying the burnisher.
Degrease your metal with hot water and dishwashing liquid, then rinse well.
It is best to do this twice and then apply your burnisher after it is completely dry.
After applying the wax (ref: 0734) on my metal burnisher, can I apply a varnish 0861 to protect the whole ?
No it is not possible, if you apply this varnish on your wax it will come off. The varnish dissolves the 0734 wax which will give a monstrous effect.
However, after the wax has dried perfectly, you can apply the oil (ref: 0860) in a thin and regular layer and then shine with a cotton cloth after drying.

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