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EXTRAT MAT, SINGLE COMPONENT, INTERIOR. SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR OXIDIZED WOOD. ODORLESS – HIGH RESISTANCE – SINGLE COMPONENT – NON-YELLOWING The resin mixture gives it resistance and hardness ideal for parquet floors, kitchen or bathroom furniture, etc. It enhances the natural beauty of oxidized wood without changing its color.


POLYURETHANE varnish, water-based, odorless. This product has high performance hardness and resistance to stains and abrasion.

Shake well before use.
It is applied on a sanded or brushed and dry wood, free of grease, wax or dust, in 2 coats. Do not dilute.

Manual application: It is applied with a brush or a roller.
After the 1st coat, 1 to 2 hours, a light sanding removes the roughness of the wood.
Coats should be spaced no more than 12 hours apart.
The very fast hardening allows, 48H after the last coat, the use of the premises. Does not freeze and is NON FLAMMABLE.

Industrial application: This coating can be used in various existing industrial machines.
It is only advisable to do a preliminary test.
For high traffic applications requiring particular resistance this 0220 varnish can be added with a catalyst (Isocyanate) at 10% of the total.

Maximum finish hardness after 2 weeks

Cleaning of tools: with water.

8 to 10 m2 per liter per coat.

1 l – 5 l – 30 l – 220 l.

Safety: Wear rubber gloves. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.

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