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Mineral powder. Used in the preparation of coatings such as stucco

Consists of a polyester resin and a powder to be mixed as required.
These can be tinted with Terres de décor to match marble or stone colors.

This polyester resin-based putty solves many difficult problems on marble and stone, whether outdoors, indoors or underwater.

It comes in powder and resin form for mixing, so you can adjust its viscosity to suit the job in hand, as well as its beige color, which can be modified with powdered pigments (see our many decorative earths). After polymerization, it can be worked with a chisel, gouge, file or machine…


The 0604P powder should be mixed with the 0601R resin. Note that the catalyst is in the powder, so you’ll need to add enough for polymerization to take place. A temperature of 20° is recommended. You must prepare the necessary quantity as you go along. Polymerization takes about 10 minutes at 20°.


To adjust the color of the marble or stone to be repaired, mix a small amount of decorative earth (natural pigments) with powder 0604 P, then test the mixture to check the color. Prepare the amount needed for the job you have to do.

Spatula cleaning: with acetone.


read the safety label carefully,

work in a well-ventilated room or wear a suitable mask,

do not swallow,

keep out of reach of children.

Information given in good faith, but we are not responsible for it.

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