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TERRA CUITES – PARFEUILLES Eliminates laitance and cement build-up on freshly laid but dry floors.


After complete drying of the floor, cement efflorescence appears, it is therefore necessary to remove it. The success of a beautiful finish depends on this operation. It is important after the installation of the terracotta to let the floor dry well. The drying time depends on the season and the ambient temperature, i.e. an artificial drying, an overheating of the room can lead to inconveniences (a superficial drying causes moisture rising). We have to give it time. Recommended material for the preparation of the support: Terracotta stripper 0820, rubber gloves, sponge, wide brush or wooden spatula. This preparation is done in small successive areas.

Apply Terracotta Remover 0820 pure or diluted according to the degree of efflorescence and cement to be removed (from 20% to pure), using a sponge or a wide brush. Leave on for 5 to 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water. If the cement stains persist on the terracotta, apply Terracotta Stripper, let it work and scrape with a wooden spatula. Rinse thoroughly with water several times to remove the Terracotta Stripper. To facilitate the rinsing, use a water vacuum cleaner which will avoid the redeposition of limestone. Cleaning of tools: with water. Yield: 5 to 8 m2 per liter.

Read the safety label carefully – Work in a well-ventilated room or wear a suitable mask – Wear rubber gloves and goggles – Do not swallow – Keep out of reach of children. Information given in good faith, but we are not responsible for it.

see data sheet

See data sheet

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